Occupational Therapist (Infant Learning Program)

Kodiak Area Native Association

Job Description

Provide Early Intervention/Infant Learning Program (EI/ILP) occupational therapy services and family service coordinator services to eligible children, birth to three years of age, and their families in the Kodiak Island Borough.

Occupational Therapist (Infant Learning Program)

Full-time / eligible for full fringe benefits

Located in Kodiak, Alaska

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Serves as an occupational therapist in a childs natural environment to provide occupational therapy services as identified on the IFSP for enrolled families on assigned case load.

Provider is responsible for:

Occupational Therapy (OT) includes services to address the functional needs of an infant or toddler with a disability related to adaptive development, adaptive behavior, and play, and sensory, motor, and postural development. These services are designed to improve the childs functional ability to perform task in home, school, and community settings, and include:
Identification, assessment and intervention.
Adaptation of the environment, and selection, design, and fabrication of assistive and orthotic devices to facilitate development and promote the acquisition of functional skills.
Prevention or minimization of the impact of initial or future impairment, delay in development, or loss of functional ability.
Offer families support and training to enhance their ability to support their child's development related to adaptive development, adaptive behavior, and play, and sensory, motor, and postural development.

Serves as a Family Service Coordinator (FSC) for enrolled children whose primary area of concern is adaptive development, adaptive behavior, and play, and sensory, motor, and postural development. FSC is responsible for:
Completion of child and family intake forms, Release of Information forms and all required state and federal paperwork.
Obtaining necessary medical history and therapy evaluation scripts.
Scheduling the eligibility evaluation with family and multidisciplinary team.
Completing family assessment: working with the family helping them identify their concerns, priorities and resources available to support and enhance their child's development.
Facilitating the development of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP); working with family and team to ensure IFSP goals are based on the child's needs and interests, and family routines and priorities.
Monitoring delivery of the services listed on the IFSP.
Coordinating EI/ILP services and other medical/social services.
Assisting parents in identifying additional resources and services, facilitating access to those resources and services through referrals and linkages.
Ensuring timely review/revisions of the IFSP goals and services as necessary based on on-going assessment of a child's development.
Assisting with transition planning; including scheduling and sending appropriate invitations to Transition Conference Meeting at least 90 days before a childs 3rd birthday. Working closely with KIBSD, RuralCAP, contract providers and other community partners.
Ensuring Child Outcomes Measures (COS) are completed as required.
Identifying eligible Targeted Case Management activities and completing monthly TCM billing form for Medicaid Eligible children.

Additional Responsibilities

For clients that the provider does not serve as FSC, participates as a member of the local multi-disciplinary team as needed, conducting developmental evaluations for children 0-36 months of age to determine eligibility for EI/ILP services and provides occupational therapy screening services to children birth to 36 months of age.

Conducts vision and hearing screens using screening instruments.

Participates in weekly ILP team meetings.

Attends weekly ILP Toddler Group as caseload allows implementing strategies from a clients IFSP in a social setting providing a structured play environment for families with ILP enrolled children.

Maintains case load client files and data reporting requirements.

Develops and participates in Child Find activities including village Health Fairs, the Kodiak Childrens Fair and USCG Welcome Aboard Fair.

Supervisory Responsibilities This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy, current certification or licensure, and one year of experience working with young children ages 0 to 5, or any equivalent combination of education and experience. Prior experience working with different cultures preferred.

Proficient English reading, writing and speaking skills. Ability to adjust presentation of information in both verbal and written form to meet the needs of the client.

Ability to learn ILP web based data system through the provided tutorial; proficiency with Word processing and knowledge of Database software; Internet software; Spreadsheet software and on-line evaluation instrument scoring programs.

Licensure with the state of Alaska Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board. State of Alaska Part C Credential must be obtained according to State DHHS Policy. Enrollment in Alaska System for Early Education Development (SEED Registry) according to state DHHS policy. Possess a valid Alaska drivers license. Reliable transportation and proof of insurance required. Ability to travel to remote community by small plane.

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Full time

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