Environmental Coordinator

Kodiak Area Native Association

Job Description

Coordinator works closely with the village EPA/IGAP coordinators and other participating tribes/entities to ensure the goals and objectives of the grant are met; Acts as a liaison other agencies and partners to facilitate project and program success.

Environmental Coordinator

Full time / eligible for full fringe benefits

Located in Kodiak, Alaska

Summary The Environmental Protection Agency Indian General Assistance Program (EPA IGAP) grant provides resources to update Integrated Waste Management Plans (IWMP) for village communities, develop plans for a region wide backhaul and recycling program, and maintain the framework for a region wide marine water quality sampling, including but not limiting to ocean acidification and harmful algal blooms. The Environmental Coordinator works closely with the village EPA/IGAP coordinators and other participating tribes and entities to ensure the goals and objectives of the EPA/IGAP grant are met; Liaisons with necessary agencies, outside partners and contractors to facilitate project or program success; and Assists in handling projects to ensure scope, resource needs, tracking mechanisms, implementation or business models, and desired outcomes are documented and in compliance with funder requirements.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Environmental Protection Agency Indian General Assistance Program Implementation:

Identify, plan, and execute work tasks necessary to accomplish EPA IGAP work plan components, outputs and deliverables.

Prepare for EPA IGAP grant program continuation applications and collect required resolutions/letters of support from all consortia member tribes.

Support communications and collaborations between local governments, Tribes, Tribal organizations, State programs and private entities within the Koniag region.

Assist Tribes and Village governments in identifying public service delivery and infrastructure needs; Facilitate Tribe and Village government connections with Federal, State and Regional resources to meet identified needs.

Support development of required grant narrative reports and assists with ensuring all reporting (both narrative and financial) is submitted in a timely manner. Support compliance of assigned grants and maintenance of master files of grants and grant reports.

Strategize ideas for future programs and services based upon identified priorities amongst Kodiak Tribes. Identify, evaluate, and support the application processes for additional funding to support programs and projects that will protect the environmental and enhance the lives of KANA beneficiaries. Provide technical support to consortia member tribes in developing funding proposals for tribal specific EPA IGAP programs. Develop trusting working relationship with consortia member tribes.

Develop joint collaborations and projects with other KANA programs to achieve program and association goals of assisting beneficiaries achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Research and apply for funding to enhance environmental programs within the Kodiak Region; including marine water quality and backhaul/recycling programs.

Represent KANAs environmental programs at Kodiaks Rural Leadership Forums, community meetings and KANA board meetings. Organize and facilitate workshops relevant to regional environmental stakeholders.

Organize and facilitate monthly Kodiak Environmental Leaders and Professional (KELP) meetings and maintain the KELP Facebook page.

Supervisory Responsibilities Provide supervision and direction, with direct support from Project Manager, to volunteers and employees who become involved in projects.

Education and/or Experience

Bachelors degree in related field or 4 years related work experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. One year of program/budget management.

Ability to work within a team environment as well as organize and coordinate job duties, prioritize work load, and complete work independently. Relate well to Alaska Native/American Indian population.

Intermediate knowledge of Database, Internet, Spreadsheet and Word Processing software.

Ability to travel to remote communities in a small plane and off island to support program activities.

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Employment Type

Full time

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